About Us.


IKW Consulting Group specialise in the following services:

  • Risk management, preparing floor covering specifications and tender documents;
  • Procurement and sourcing of flooring products for end-user clients;
  • Project and compliance management including product testing to Australian standards;
  • Qualified moisture testing technicians and subfloor remediation services;
  • Conflict resolution, problem-solving and forensic determinations;
  • Investigation of issues relating to soft and resilient floor coverings, tufted modular, tufted and woven broadloom carpet and substrate related issues;
  • Technical consultation on all issues involving soft and resilient flooring from both a product and installation standpoint. This includes, but is not limited to, site and substrate conditions, evaluation of installation procedures and ancillary products used, investigation of installed product for both quality and suitability for the particular end use and purpose;
  • Remediation of problems, replacement and repair services where applicable.
  • Don Considine is the ACCI Representative on the AS/NZS 2455 and 3733 TX-009 Standards Committee and the FCIA Representative on the new PL-015 Australian Resilient Flooring Standards Committee.
  • Don Considine sits on the Carpet Institute of Australia’s Technical Committee.
  • Don Considine is a ICRI Moisture Testing Technician – Grade 1.


 IKW Consulting Group is a member of the Carpet Institute of Australia

The Carpet Institute of Australia Limited (CIAL) is a non-profit industry association dedicated to the development of Australian’s $1.6 billion carpet industry. Formed in 1967, CIAL represents carpet manufacturers, as well as retailers and suppliers of goods and services to industry.


IKW Consulting Group is a member of the Floor Covering Institute of Australia (FCIA)

The FCIA is the national advocate for all sectors of the Australian Floor Covering Industry, dedicated to driving growth and sustainability for retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and commercial contractors.

Don Considine represents the FCIA on the new PL-015 Australian Resilient Flooring Standards Committee.