Dispute Resolution.

Marshal Kusinski Design Consultants West Perth Office

IKW Consulting Group works with multinational corporate clients, government departments, commercial contractors, retailers, manufacturers and other SMEs to help with dispute resolution on any project involving carpet tiles, broadloom carpet, resilient flooring and subfloor preparation.

Services include but not limited to mediation, arbitration, negotiation and settlement determinations.

IKW Consulting Group is regularly recommended by the Carpet Institute for dispute resolution of floor covering disputes on projects of all sizes.

ACCI Representative for the AS/NZS 2455 & 3733 TX-009 Standards Committee.

Member of the Carpet Institute of Australia’s Technical Committee.

FCIA Representative on the new PL-015 Resilient Flooring Australian Standards Committee.

Member of the FCIA’s Resilient Flooring and Carpet/Carpet Tile installation technical panel.

ICRI Moisture Testing Technician – Grade 1.