Resilient Flooring/Substrate Preparation Consultancy.


IKW Consulting Group specialises in resilient flooring and substrate preparation specifications and disputes for projects of all sizes, anywhere in Australia and South East Asia.

Don Considine Represents the Floor Covering Institute of Australia (FCIA) on the new PL-015 Resilient Flooring Australian Standards Committee.

IKW Consulting Group services include:

  • Subfloor inspections and reporting prior to, during and/or at the commencement of the installation;
  • Moisture testing of concrete and timber subfloors;
  • Inspection of the subfloor preparation prior to the installation of the resilient flooring;
  • Recommending resilient flooring products and accessories that are “fit for purpose”;
  • Slip resistance testing of products in situ and/or prior to installation;
  • Review contractor quotations and tender documents to ensure conformance to the specification requirements;
  • Work directly with resilient flooring and subfloor products manufacturers to best engineer product systems to maximise the performance of the resilient flooring and provide enhanced warranties.